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A podcast centered on women, LGBTQIA+, and people of color in music with an emphasis on intersectional feminism.

My Outlet for the Things I Love, with Lauren Rearick of The Grey Estates

April 24, 2018

Writing for one's self is a strong form of expression, but what happens when the audience arrives? Lauren Rearick has shaped one of the most inclusive and impactful blogs, The Grey Estates, which highlights music from all areas of DIY. Lauren talks about her early writing opportunities, learning about bands from early 2000's teen night dramas like The OC, giving a platform to new talent, and more.

Keep up with The Grey Estates at thegreyestates.com or @thegreyestates on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Music on this episode:

"Up from Below" by Remember Sports (remembersports.bandcamp.com)

"Fire Inside My Eyes" by Yours Are the Only Ears (yoursaretheonlyears.bandcamp.com)

"Currents" by Early Riser (earlyrisermusic.com)

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