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A podcast centered on women, LGBTQIA+, and people of color in music with an emphasis on intersectional feminism.

Understanding Accessibility, with Half Access

February 12, 2019

Cassie Wilson knew it was challenging to access show spaces but took it upon herself to make a change. When she started the database on Half Access, she aimed to create a list of places that met the needs of all types of accessibility, from mobility to less visible disabilities like epilepsy. 

Cassie's nonprofit has grown to include an educational blog and ability to tour. She joins this week to talk about the ways people can help promote accessibility and inclusivity, her love of the Portland scene, and more.

Learn more about Half Access at halfaccess.org

Music in this episode, chosen by Cassie, includes:

Let's Eat Grandma, "It's Not Just Me" https://letseatgrandma.bandcamp.com 

worlds greatest dad, "laughing (while you're smiling)" https://worldsgreatestdadmusic.bandcamp.com 

Better Love, "Tracing Pictures" https://betterloveus.bandcamp.com 

Cumulus, "Comfort World" https://cumulus.bandcamp.com 

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