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A podcast centered on women, LGBTQIA+, and people of color in music with an emphasis on intersectional feminism.

Putting in Care, with Sofi Padilla

May 7, 2019

Sofi Padilla has made a career out of caring for artists and solid instincts for bands that make her move. She's on the brink of becoming a pawtist manager, but that'll have to come after her work in artist management for bands like Better Love, Heart Attack Man, and The Happy Alright. Sofi joins this week to talk about her early days in booking, her goals as an artist manager, and what she works toward with each band.

Keep up with Sofi on Twitter at @sofidilla and on her website, https://sofidilla.com/.

Music in this episode includes:

"Pretending" by Better Love

"Blood Blister" by Heart Attack Man

"Sweet Tea, Bitter Me" by The Happy Alright

"Don't Call My Name" by Romeo Hero Foxes

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