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A podcast centered on women, LGBTQIA+, and people of color in music with an emphasis on intersectional feminism.

I Want to Work with Them Too, with Hannah Feldman

March 26, 2019

There is nothing Hannah Feldman can't do - she's a master of spreadsheets and planner of events over at Reverie Productions while also keeping the machine going with Ellie Hart of LEAD DIY.

Hannah joins to talk about how she began booking shows, what she's learned, how she picks bands for a show's roster, and more. Please note at about 45 minutes in, there is a conversation surrounding mental health and self care.

Keep up with Hannah at @reverieprodnyc on Twitter and on Facebook. Follow LEAD DIY at @leaddiy and learn more at https://www.leaddiy.org/.

Music in this episode includes:

Save Face, "Bad" https://saveface.bandcamp.com/ 

Just Friends, "Worry" https://justfriendsca.bandcamp.com/ 

EJ Hervey, "4234 (If You Know You Know)" https://ejhervey.bandcamp.com/music 

Saltlick, "End It All" https://saltlickoh.com/track/end-it-all 

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